Thank you all for the great success of the FITTOKEN presale.
In a few hours after opening (this past Thursday at 22.00 hours- Madrid) we had to close the TOKENS purchase forms.
The project goes ahead with more STRENGTH and confidence than ever.
In a few weeks the TOKEN will be listed in the BINANCE SMART CHAIN to provide liquidity to the ecosystem and start the path of the first utility token in the world of the FITNESS sector.
Thank you very much for your support again !!!

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Gracias a todos por el gran éxito…

FITTOKEN is aimed at different types of users:

- Customers of SLOWFIT centers and RESISTANCE INSTITUTE students who. want to use it to access exclusive products.

- Gym trainer who will receive incentives based on individual and collective results.

- Average crypto users (who can also be clients) who want, in addition to the above, to obtain capital gains and increase incentives with staking.

- Advanced crypto users (who can be the above) who also want to support the project by providing liquidity and thus obtain greater incentives.

Fittoken is the first utility token in the Fitness world that will help SLOWFIT Fitness centers become the first tokenized centers in the world, allowing their clients to receive rewards in the form of FITTOKENS for being consistent, improving their strength and efficiency in training, decreasing their fat percentage, recommending the gym…
In addition, Resistance Institute, the training academy specialized in Biomechanics and Strength Training, will use FITTOKEN as a useful currency for its students.
But FITTOKEN is not just an internal utility token, it is a full-fledged digital currency that will use the decentralized network BINANCE SMART CHAIN (BSC) through…


FITTOKEN is the first Fitness utility token in the world that provides an advanced ecosystem in the DEFI world through the Binance Smart Chain. Grow with us!!!

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