FITtoken turns 3 months old and grows nearly 1200%.

2 min readOct 13, 2021

It has been a very intense 3 months, where FITtoken has consolidated above 1$, something that nobody in the team would have thought.
We are still a baby, but a baby that grows healthy and in good health, as tokenomics and the project is becoming more ambitious every day.
The token was launched at a price of 0.12$, it grew progressively up to 0.55$, where it experienced a strong rise during September, excessive, up to 6$, to correct up to 1.3–1.5$, a more reasonable price for the desired growth.
In these months, thanks to the important work on the utility of the token and the acquisition by different FITNESS centers, chains and CRM platforms, FITtoken is emerging as the first and only UTILITY TOKEN of FITNESS in the world, which can be used by different gyms, sports centers, companies related to sports … to encourage and retain their customers, in addition to improving sales.
At the moment, the Fitness chain SLOWFIT, is already using FITtoken to incentivize its customers. At the moment it is doing so in its Barcelona center, and in the coming months it will do so in the rest of its franchises. Slowfit aims to grow to 50–100 franchises in the next 5–10 years.

In addition, the FITNESS training academy, Resistance Institute, also uses FITtoken within its on-line training platform.
FITtoken aims to be the utility token for more than 500 centers worldwide in the coming years, thanks to having the technology to bring blockchain to the real world.

From now on, once a week we will update you on the progress of FITtoken and its implementation in the world through crypto-marketing.
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FITTOKEN is the first Fitness utility token in the world that provides an advanced ecosystem in the DEFI world through the Binance Smart Chain. Grow with us!!!