2 min readJul 26, 2021

On July 15th, FITTOKEN began its journey in the BINANCE SMART CHAIN.

The first Fitness utility token to be used by SLOWFIT (the Spanish chain of “boutique” gyms leader in HIST training) and the academy of Biomechanics and Strength Training “Resistance Institute”, was listed a few days before in pancake swap, where it began to inject liquidity.

The pre-sale of the token was €0.10 ($0.12) and was completed in just a few hours.

The token was listed on pancake at $0.18 and 10 days after its official launch, its current price is $0.50.

The token’s liquidity has multiplied to over $110,00 on the BTC-FIT pool, the token’s capitalization already reaches over $520,000 and the LTV exceeds $268,000.

In August, the “interface” within SLOWFIT and RESISTANCE INSTITUTE will be deployed, so that the token will start earning utility for its clients.

People who train at SLOWFIT will be able to earn FIT based on their achievements in each workout, reduction of their fat percentage, improvement in strength, for being consistent, for recommending the center to new users,….

Resistance Institute students will be able to benefit from earning FIT for being consistent in watching videos, for passing TEST, for recommending the academy,…

In a few months, different SLOWFIT centers and any fitness center that considers that it can benefit the retention and attraction of clients will be able to use FITTOKEN as a powerful “crypto-marketing” tool.

Will you join the new FITTOKEN project?
This is just the beginning of a new way of understanding FITNESS business.




FITTOKEN is the first Fitness utility token in the world that provides an advanced ecosystem in the DEFI world through the Binance Smart Chain. Grow with us!!!